About X10

Our Journey


Founded in Vancouver, BC, February, 2004, X10 Networks began as a network engineering consulting company. For the past 15 years they have designed and implemented networks which required advanced technical skills and experience, gaining them an outstanding reputation serving customers in both Canada and Asia. As an advanced technical network and security systems integrator, X10 Networks deliverables include network engineering, security consulting, network troubleshooting and optimization, project management, training, and support services.



To help provide scalable and reliable solutions, X10 Networks partners with various leading and emerging technology vendors. X10 Networks is actively engaged in network and security engineering projects for public and private sector customers such as Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Government, Finance, Insurance, and others.




X10 Networks has an extensive background in network communications. Coupled with strong relationships with leading vendors in the industry, X10 Networks is able to offer and provide complete end-to-end networking solutions in areas of Network Infrastructure, Network Security, and Application Delivery. The company is able to provide architecture, integration and support services to customers of any size and scale while helping customers and clients effectively build, support and maintain their network systems and business applications.

Experience and Expertise
  • extensive network experience
  • superior technical knowledge
  • excellent relationships with the leading vendors
  • scalable and reliable solutions
  • outstanding track record


  • network engineering
  • security consulting
  • network troubleshooting and optimization
  • project management
  • comprehensive training
  • technical support
  • scalable and reliable solutions

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