X10 Networks provides professional IT services to ensure your business' technology demands are met.
x10 Networks has extensive experience and an outstanding track record in designing infrastructure of various types to support mission-critical applications and services such as Voice, Video and Data.
Systems Architecture

X10 Networks has over a decade of experience and proven track record in designing end-to-end infrastructure solutions that are both reliable and cost effective, such as:


  • Local Area Networking
  • Wide Area Networking
  • Wireless Systems
  • Remote Network Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Networking
  • Network Optimization
  • External Network Security
  • Internal Network Security (NAC)
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
  • Business Application Solutions”
Systems Integration

As complexities of solutions and business processes evolve, maintaining integration of various equipment brands and technologies, as well as applications can be very challenging. X10 specializes in making your business more efficient, eliminating redundancies and strengthening controls and processes.

Systems Support

Maintaining your network and applications is not just about technology, it’s a bout business. This is why X10 Networks offers support for network infrastructure and applications, allowing the C-suite to focus on strategy and initiatives.

Systems Deployment

Our implementation services team consists of highly skilled and specialized professionals that offer onsite and remote installation and support services for short-term or long-term engagement.


Our extensive experience and expertise includes:


Infrastructure Architecture

  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Metro
  • Remote Access
  • Disaster Recovery


Application Infrastructure

  • N-Tier Infrastructure
  • High Availability
  • Application Performance
  • Website uptime


Application Delivery and Network Optimization

  • Wan Acceleration
  • Network Capacity Planning
  • Application Performance
  • Application Delivery
  • Network Analysis



  • Perimeter Security
  • Internal LAN Security
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
Network Performance Analysis

X10 Networks is able to analyse both Wide Area Network and Local Area network communication paths, allowing the company to pinpoint any areas of points that are in need of troubleshooting and performance upgrades.

Networks have moved far beyond providing basic hub and switches enabling user connectivity. While designing and building any computer system, it is extremely important to consider quality and design of your infrastructure backbone.
Network Architecture and Design

X10 Networks has over a decade of experience and proven track record in designing end-to-end infrastructure solutions that are both reliable and cost effective, such as:

  • Local Area Networking
  • Wide Area Networking
  • Wireless Systems
  • Remote Network Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Networking
  • Network Optimization
  • External Network Security
  • Internal Network Security (NAC)
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
  • Business Application Solutions
Network Capacity Planning

With X10 Networks Capacity Planning services, companies will be able to identify the areas where they will need more capacity, years in advance, and prepare for it.

Network Deployment and Integration

Network architecture is the first step on the road to a better performing and more secure IT environment. But for many enterprises, the real challenge is the deployment of the infrastructure and solutions described in the organization’s networking strategy. X10 Networks deployment and Integration services build on the foundation of the network design process to create an optimized and integrated network environment in your organization. Leveraging the knowledge base of highly certified IT engineers, we deliver a sophisticated response to advanced network integration challenges.

Network Assessment

X10 Networks network assessment service offering is designed to support the next generation of smart utilities, considering all aspects of it’s network, including network management, capacity planning, optimization, data center communications, voice and data integration and security compliance in order to give utilities a comprehensive view of their needs and the network infrastructure needed to support it now and into the future.

Network Managed Services

Through Network Managed Services, X10 is able to take full responsibility of a company’s network. From planning, design, and implementation to day-to-day operations and maintenance, outsourcing the networkto X10 can ensure that it is well built, operated properly, and always secure.

The end goal of security is to enable your operations to flourish and keep your organization out of the headlines associated with cyber breaches.
Penetration Testing

A penetration test, or pen test, is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. X10 Networks conducts all of its penetration tests manually – our security experts are on hand to ensure that the tests are accomplished safely and effectively. At X10 Networks, we utilize black box, white box, & grey box techniques, to ensure accurate results. The ‘attack’ is conducted with the utmost care, and we deploy numerous safeguards to ensure that no damage to the network or application can occur during the testing.

Security Governance and Compliance

In compliance to security sector regulations or standards (es: Data Protection Act, Data Loss Protection, Privacy, ISO 27001, PCI DSS), X10 Networks can guide you in developing strategies, designing governance, managing risk, assuring compliance, and training your IT personnel all aimed to conform and increase awareness and preparedness to counteract threats and vulnerabilities.

Security Solutions Deployment

X10 Networks approaches network security and data security in a very holistic manner, taking into account every access point and potential threat before deploying a combination of systems that will keep all data and applications secure.


DDOS Website Protection is an always-on service that quickly mitigates any DDoS attack targeting websites and web applications. Website Protection compliments WAF, which blocks hacking attempts and attacks by malicious bots.

Managed Services

The threat landscape is evolving at an escalating speed. Responding to these threats require years of experience, resources, and 24/7 attention. Established out of years of experience working with security technologies, X10 Networks managed security services (MSS) are delivered by our team from multiple security operation centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Data Centre
Server and infrastructure virtualization is the cornerstone to any virtual environment.

Today’s server infrastructure demands have increased in unprecedented speed. The complexity, high cost, high turnover, and clutter has lead to the transformation into convergence and software-defined data centers (SDDCs). Hyperconvergence is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system in an effort to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability.


Cloud computing allows to provide on-demand data storage and computing power without the complexities of maintaining and high upfront cost of an on-premise infrastructure. It addresses the variety of requirements needed by an organization may it be private, public, or a hybrid cloud environment.

We offer tools and services that enable your team to successfully collaborate using cloud technology.
VOIP Migration and Planning

Traditional voice services in today’s world has become close to obsolete. Organizations are moving into VoIP, increasing reliability and decreasing operational and maintenance expenses on legacy units. VoIP need not be intimidating. X10 Networks can help you choose the right solution best suited for your needs.

Videoconferencing and Collaboration

Our team has the expertise, industry knowledge and certifications in infrastructure, video and audio to deliver a solution that is easy to use, easy to implement and fully supported.

Skype for Business

Technology changes are disruptive for end users. Our Skype for Business consultants work with you to explore and implement options to get your SfB deployment accepted across the organization.

X10 Networks has specialized in the BC K-12 market for over 10 years. We have also developed a
set of best practices, which have become a fundamental part of the Next Generation Network (NGN) Infrastructure. NGN connects all K-12 Public Schools across the Province of British Columbia. X10 Networks assisted in a provincial government project to design and implement a network infrastructure, connecting 1600 schools across the Province of British Columbia. X10 Networks has worked with every School District in the province during this migration process, assisting each school district throughout the deployment. For successful execution of the project, X10 Networksreceived the Premier’s Award in the Organizational Excellence category.




X10 will help you develop a Strategic IT Plan. We can customize and implement an IT Roadmap for your company for the next 3 – 5 years. We will analyse your district’s current IT environment and review it with you. We will then decide together how to create a path to get your technology to the next required level. These tasks will help us align your district’s IT department and its effectiveness to support teaching and learning.





X10 includes a comprehensive review of the district’s IT Infrastructure based on industry research and best practices. Some of the tasks performed are the following:

  • Research features of successful models of professional learning environments
  • Exploring relationships between effective use of technology, student engagement, and student success
  • Validate the proposed technology models, and how the technology can be used to enhance student learning
  • Obtain regular feedback from district technology advisory team
  • Review Server Infrastructure and Best Practices
  • Assess Client Infrastructure and Best Practices
  • Perform Networking Infrastructure Assessment & Review of Best Practices
  • Perform Security Infrastructure Assessment & Review of Best Practices
  • Perform High Level Strategic Applications Assessment & Review of Best Practices
  • Identify roll-out and adoption planning




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