Data Center

Server Infrastructure & Virtualization

X10 Networks remains at the top of server and infrastructure visualization in physical and virtual planning and even up to migration and management strategies. The combining power of private cloud systems and public cloud services gives X10 Networks an opportunity in recreating a stronger system every time the clients need to deal with dynamic workloads. These workloads tend to change continuously over time.

Our services include:

  • System design and review
  • Operations planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Server virtualization
  • Conversion planning and implementation


One of the critical factors of your enterprise network is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. X10 Networks’ mission is to provide your company’s best and standard-oriented Service Level Objectives and operations processes by developing and implementing robust data protection and business continuity solutions- which are developed by setting up the best practices that meet all required categories of LAN, WAN, and Data Center infrastructure.

Storage Infrastructure & Virtualization

The keystone of virtualization is Storage Virtualization due to its ability to represent every data in the cloud independently while giving off a clear definition of where and how it is physically stored. This allows the user to completely utilize its assets while speeding up application recovery and reducing space, power, and cooling requirements.

X10 Networks provide the following assistance:

  • System design and review
  • Operations planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Storage virtualization
  • Conversion planning and implementation
  • Data migration


Backup & Disaster Recovery


One of the essential security requirements is disaster recovery. X10 Networks specializes in analyzing existing network environments, enabling them to provide the best disaster recovery plans and designs.

In addition to this is the deployment of the system and configurations, which offer a functioning disaster recovery solution.

Storage backup is an important segment in the backup infrastructure and needs thorough monitoring. Lower-end home NAS devices and other general consumer electronics are often used to store corporate data due to its affordability.

However, these cheap storage solutions may not be reliable under 1/0 intensive workloads and may even lead to the backup files and metadata’s corruption.

There are two options in appraising the most suitable storage type for a disaster recovery scenario: Restore point objectives and Restore time objectives.

Deduplication appliances, Linear Tape-open devices, Directly Attached Storage, and S3-compatible Object Storage are the prospects depending on the required RTOs and RPOs.

Workloads can be duplicated to a DR site and be made available at a stand-by. When a disaster recovery situation occurs, the replicated data can be loaded to the DR site to allow data access to the end-user continuously and to prevent operational disruption. Once the production site is fixed and restored, the changes made into the VMs on the DR will be reloaded to the production site, and operations may resume to normal.

To ensure that the clients’ trust backup and disaster recovery services, the professionals and the management of X10 Networks focus on the following aspects:

  • Awareness of customer requirements for business continuity and processes from both legal and practical angles.
  • Gathering information and updates on mission-critical workloads, downtime source possibilities, backup strategy implementation, and restore point and time objectives.
  • Current assessment of existing disaster recovery software used and implemented in industries and understanding its functions and contributions in attaining the business continuity requirements.
  • Giving you the right recommendations that fit your budget, function requirements, and recent market trends.

Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

Whether it is to expand or to manage your existing infrastructure in Cloud, or deliver effective integration and migration, X10 Networks is the best company to support you. We have the vastest experience in working with both private and public cloud infrastructure.







With decades of recorded experience in virtualization, security, networking, disaster recovery, and business applications, X10 Networks has proven its capability in designing cost-effective and end-to-end infrastructure solutions, without compromising quality and reliability. Without apprehension, we offer a unique perspective on sizing, migrating, and managing your cloud infrastructure.

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