Data Center ∙ Branch Office ∙ Disaster Recovery

X10 Networks specialists have extensive expertise in both design and implementation of Local Area Network infrastructure while ensuring that your system is working at maximum level. This is attained by providing the expected quality of service, security, and resilience.

The first step in leveraging your IT environment is network architecture. And for many enterprises- the implementation and total deployment of their network infrastructure as per defined and designed in their network strategy- is where the real challenge lies. X10 Networks’ deployment and integration services are structured based on the network design of your business process in order to optimize and integrate your current network environment at a higher beginning. Through the knowledge and skillsets of our expert IT engineers, we ensure to support you in responding to any advanced network challenges.

  • Local Area Networking
  • Wide Area Networking
  • Wireless Systems
  • Remote Network Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Networking
  • Network Optimization
  • External Network Security
  • Internal Network Security (NAC)

With decades of experience, X10 Networks has proven its capability in designing end-to-end infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective, without compromising quality and reliability.


Wide Area Networks

Metro Networks ∙ MPLS/VPLS ∙ CWDM/DWDM

X10 Networks offers a complete EF&I services, known as well as Engineering, Furnishing, and Installation services. We deploy networks of distinct and numerous sizes and functionalities. Our client list is composed of different business natures, covering the fields of Engineering, Enterprise, Health Care, Municipal and Provincial Networks, Retails, Energy, and Education.

We are also the company that deployed the largest education network around the Province of British Columbia- connecting 1600 schools across the borders. This project also received the Premier’s Award under the Organizational Excellence category.


Being able to expand your services today through multiple environments has become the industry standard for network management. That is why, the best way to leverage the performance of your existing network, it is important to understand the different network system up to date and learning their different applications. This way, you get to utilize your network in boosting productivity and expand your investment returns, X10 Networks provides a 7/24 network operations support to our consumers while maintaining high performance across thousands of services.


X10 Networks is armed with complete tools and expertise required in providing application SLA monitoring and in measuring performance experience of multiple end-users, aiding effectively in the identification of system performance issues proactively, and resolving it ahead of time. With the use of numerous performance metric targets, including applications, IP addresses, websites, and services, we provide real-time monitoring and performance assessment, network traffic updates, and customize notifications of issues to your preference.


Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay brings WAN, cloud, and internet, incorporated as one solution:

  • Transmits network connections up to 10x faster with cost as low as 70% compared to MPLS
  • Fuses multiple ISP links for faster speed and lossless failover
  • Eliminates Wide Area Network and barriers at broadband per megabit costs

SD-WAN solutions are dependent on intelligent controller decisions which are most effective when cloud-based or in any of the following premises:

  • Private Customer route domains are automatically generated and scalable to thousands of sites
  • Dynamic packet steering intelligence provides end-to-end quality assurance
  • Combines the full speed of multiple ISP links forming a single unified overlay with seamless failover
  • IPSec class encryption secures WAN traffic and broadband optimization manages the quality of experience (QoS)
  • Bi-directional QoS across the WAN with high-availability provides quality and reliability (no dropped calls)

X10 Managed SD-WAN Services

  • Cloud managed visibility and control
  • Single pane of glass
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Monitoring and traffic analytics
  • No on-site IT required
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