Operational Technology

Smart Building Systems

X10 Networks provides smart building solutions by integrating its systems with the building management network, allowing buildings a level of data security never before imagined.

As more devices are becoming IP enabled and connected to the building management network, the amount of data traversing the network at any given time is growing exponentially.

Many building systems such as Security systems (CCTV, Card Access and Intercom), HVAC controllers, elevators, lighting control systems, etc. are becoming more intelligent holding tons of information. Therefore the need for a smart integrated network is paramount, allowing building Oners and Operators to make more insightful decisions for smarter and secured buildings.

Integration of disparate systems such as HVAC, controllers, metering, lighting controls, etc allows improved handling of bit data gathering, performing advanced analytics and a better understanding of trend logs.

X10 Networks has an extensive ecosystem within building Management Vendors & Suppliers.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

SCADA Systems are inherently risky and lack back Security Controls. These networks, just like any other network, are under threat from cyber-attacks that could bring down any part of the business quickly and with dire operational and financial consequences. It is imperative that businesses and organizations implement robust security measures to protect their networks and the business that would be affected by disruptions caused by internal or external attacks.


Default Configuration
SCADA Systems comes configured with Out-of-box default or simple passwords and a baseline configuration that makes it easier for attackers to quickly compromise the system.

Legacy Software
SCADA Systems run on legacy software that typically lacks sufficient user and system authentication and data authenticity verification, rendering the system more vulnerable for attackers to gain access and control of the system.

Remote Access Policies
SCADA Systems field equipment can typically be connected to invalidated cellular networks or legacy dial-up lines or remote-access servers give attackers easy backdoor access to the OT networks as well as the corporate LAN.

Silos, Policies & Procedures
Security gaps are created when IT, Facility and OT departments do not agree on their strategy and approach to secure industrial, building and OT networks. A unified security policy needs to be developed and adopted to protect both IT and OT technologies.

DDoS Attacks
SCADA Systems’ inherent limited access-controls allow and lack fo security allowing attackers to easily execute DoS attacks on vulnerable impacted systems.

X10 Solution
Deliver SCADA connectivity for data collection anywhere on the network regardless of existing infrastructure or IP scheme. This may involve micro-segmentation with tunnelling and encryption.

Provide secure and controlled access to network resources via user access control and port security.

Simplify network deployment and management with overlay networks or by utilizing existing infrastructure.

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